March 8, 2018     Kate Huffman

Encore Tours 2018 Scholarship Contest Winners: The World in Your World


Every year, Encore Tours and our parent company, ACIS, hold a travel scholarship contest, where passengers on any upcoming Encore or ACIS trip can submit a piece of writing, artwork, or photography that fits with a theme we choose each year. This year’s theme was “The World in Your World,” in which we asked participants to tell us how different cultures, communities, and places from around the world impact their daily life. 

We’re thrilled to announce this year’s winners of the Encore Tours/ACIS Travel is Education Scholarship and especially congratulate the Encore Tours passengers who submitted amazing, thoughtful, and creative entries. Below are the Encore Tours winners. To view the full list of ACIS/Encore winners, check out the ACIS Website. 

Interested in entering the 2019 Encore Tours/ACIS Travel is Education Scholarship contest? Click here to find out how to enter.


Runner-Up, High School – $500 Scholarship

The Beauty of Differences by Jamey Guzman, CA

“Attending a diverse high school brings the differences in our world into my everyday experiences. In my piece, I explore a long-held tradition of my school and reflect on the impact diversity has made in my life.” -Jamey

Grand Prize, Middle School – $1,000 Scholarship

What I Call Home by Natsuka Hayash, MA

“My piece is about how I first realized how diverse my community is. I learned how we share multiple cultures and languages through connections.” -Natsuka



Grand Prize, High School – $1,000 Scholarship

My Passions, My World by Emma Christopher, MA

“All of the parts in this piece tie together to make the world in my world.The soccer ball, music, the small red building (Rock Port’s Motif #1), and the ocean represent my passions and my world. I will be visiting St. Stephens Cathedral with my music program. I hope to visit Australia to experience its amazing ocean life.” -Emma


Runner-Up, High School – $500 Scholarship

Roots on Walls by Hanna Noughani, WI 

 “I wake up every morning to glass slippers and a photo of my late grandfather. My parents both emigrated Iran, but they did not leave their culture behind. The slipper turns away the evil eye, and my grandfather reminds me of compassion and love. I am from a small town in Wisconsin, but their objects preserve my roots and reminds me of what is important in life.” -Hanna

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted something to the contest! Subscribe to our blog to receive information about even more scholarship opportunities.

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