March 4, 2024     Rachel Fensterer

Experience Beatles Mania on Your Next Performance Tour


Some people might travel to England to walk the grand halls of Buckingham Palace, marvel at the centuries-old Stonehenge stones, or meander through the beautiful town of York. And some people travel to England to walk barefoot along a crosswalk with a cigarette dangling from their fingers, trying their best to impersonate Paul McCartney on the cover of Abbey Road.

Here at Encore Tours, we recently had a taste of some Beatles tourism on our Prelude trip to London. Luckily, no one ended up barefoot, but voices were raised in song at Abbey Road Studios for a 2024 Prelude Choir rendition of “With a Little Help from My Friends”. Although our Beatles experience ended there, Abbey Road Studios serves as the perfect starting point for an England Beatles pilgrimage.

Located at 3 Abbey Road in London, Abbey Road Studios has hosted quite a number of impressive artists for recording. Most notable, of course, are the Beatles. Throughout the 1960’s, history was made behind the walls of 3 Abbey Road as The Beatles recorded 190 of their 210 songs in these studios, pushing musical experimentation beyond its limits. Nowadays, you can visit the studio shop, walk the iconic crosswalk, and add on to the colorful graffiti wall standing in front of the studio. Beyond Abbey Road, the best Beatles attractions reside in Liverpool, so hop on a train or take a quick road trip and enter Beatles utopia.

Liverpool is the Beatles city. Being the hometown of the Fab Four, naturally there are many sites to see. The first stop is The Beatles Story, a museum dedicated to telling the full story of the band’s career. This museum hosts the largest Beatles exhibition in the world and is one of the most popular destinations in Liverpool. You can find original clothing and instruments from the band, rare album sleeves, handwritten lyrics, and much more memorabilia. There is another Beatles museum in Liverpool: the Liverpool Beatles Museum. You can again find the story of The Beatles within these walls, but it may seem more intimate than the latter. While The Beatles Story may feel more commercial with more interactive exhibits and even a kid zone, the Liverpool Beatles Museum scales it back with a more personal air.

Next up, rest your feet and catch a show at the Cavern Club, the most famous Beatles venue in Liverpool. It was here that The Beatles created their musical identity as they played 292 shows for intimate audiences. It is also where band manager Brian Epstein first discovered and linked with The Beatles. Today you can revel in the nostalgia of this iconic Beatles spot with a show from The Cavern Club Beatles, a group of four who masterfully replicate the look and sound of John, Paul, Ringo, and George. They play every Saturday evening and occasional Fridays as well.

Your magical mystery tour would not be complete without a trip to Penny Lane and Strawberry Field. Visit Penny Lane and see sites mentioned in the song, such as the barber shop, and explore the street that has become home to quite a few trendy shops and bistros. And of course, don’t forget to take a photo with the Penny Lane sign. Then head over to Strawberry Field, the muse of “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Check out the interactive visitor exhibition, café, and shop, then wander the peaceful garden spaces.

The Beatles experiences are endless in Liverpool. You can wander around and find Beatles statues erected in tribute. You’ll spot Beatles shops along many streets. You can visit other venues that hosted the Fab Four and even pay tribute to Eleanor Rigby’s grave.

Whether you’re a die-hard Beatles fan or simply intrigued by their indelible mark on music history, Liverpool is a bucket list destination that offers a unique blend of culture, music, and history. As you wander through this vibrant city, you’ll encounter Beatles statues, themed shops, and historical venues that played a pivotal role in their journey to stardom.

At Encore, we understand that every group has its own set of interests and needs, which is why all of our tours are fully customizable. So why not let the rhythm of the Beatles inspire your next performance tour? Speak with one of our tour consultants today to see how you can incorporate some special Beatles highlights into your itinerary, ensuring your trip to England hits all the right notes.

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