June 7, 2013     Sabrina Nikolov

It’s Music Festival Season!


Arena di Verona

The Verona Opera Festival at the Arena

One of the many reasons to travel to Europe in the summer is to experience the myriad of wonderful festivals taking place.  There are music festivals for all different genres of music… sacred, rock, punk, opera, orchestral, choral, latin, etc.  The list is endless.  Attending or performing in one of these festivals is a very enriching way to enhance your overall experience during a performance tour.  Why not give it a try? Although there are many festivals taking place, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites!

The famous Opera Festival at the Arena di Verona is carried out for much of the summer in a one-of-a-kind outdoor setting; the ancient Roman Arena right in the heart of the city.  To attend a performance here under the beautiful starlit Italian sky is an unforgettable experience.

Another great festival that will be taking place in a few weeks is the Sing MIT Festival at the Stephansdom in Vienna.  This festival welcomes singers from all over the world to participate in a 3-day festival full of workshops with the famous Gerald Wirth, culminating in a grand concert in the Stephansdom on the last day of the event.  What an exciting way to meet and learn from fellow singers in an international setting!

The Granada International Festival of Music and Dance in Spain is held at an array of the city’s emblematic venues, such as the King Carlos V Palace, the Generalife Gardens, and the Alhambra!  It attracts over 30,000 audience members each year.

Enjoy the summer festival season!

photo courtesy of www.arena.it

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  1. Interesting blog, it reminds me Opera Arena in Verona , almost every day in summer, different opera performances are shown, so that we can enjoy different famous opera every night.

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