June 8, 2022     Encore Tours

It’s the Perfect Time to Start Planning Your 2023 Performance Tour!


Have you ever missed your cue? It’s humiliating—and it gets worse. Everyone who relies on you begins to have doubts about your ability. When the spotlight is on you, and it’s your turn to shine, go all out!

Performance travel isn’t just an amazing opportunity to grow musically and build ensemble unity. It’s also unbelievably fun, and the planning process should be too! Encore Program Consultants partner with directors to help them customize a trip, recruit a group and prepare for the amazing adventure ahead.

Now is the best time to start thinking about your ensemble’s 2023 tour, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Your creative goals, like everything else on this planet, need time. We all wish for more time, and we vow not to waste yours.
  • The safety and well-being of our travelers is our number one concern, and we have adjusted our policies and protocols to ensure passengers are able to enjoy complete peace of mind when booking their trip. That includes a number of additional safety measures, performance protocols, and policy enhancements. Most notably, our new Protection Plans allow passengers to cancel their trip up to four days before departure and receive a full refund!
  • Curious if travel has returned? The past few months have left no doubt that it has! School vacations across the U.S. stagger, but now that they are all complete, our spring travel reviews are in, and they are glowing. Just look at one of the highlights from a recent group trip to France!
  • If you’re working with a dedicated performance tour organizer like Encore Tours, we’ll show you all of the essential components for a successful tour. However, we’ll need some advance time to assist you in creating your perfect trip by booking guaranteed audiences, reserving centrally located hotels, and scheduling site inspections. Do you want to add a charity performance and/or a collaboration with a local group? That’s not an issue, however, planning and organizing will take a few days. By collaborating with us to put together the right ingredients, we can guarantee the ideal blend of cultural highlights and unforgettable performances in world-class venues.
  • The longer the registration period, the lower the monthly cost to your members. Make sure the payments are manageable, and your group members will have a much easier time registering with confidence. This is your cue to begin registration early, and we’ll reward your efforts with a truly one-of-a-kind benefit: two tickets to attend Prelude, Encore’s professional development & networking weekend.
  • You need money, and we have the tools to help you raise it! When you travel with Encore, you’ll be eligible for our Fabulous Fundraiser, which includes a free vacation for two to Paris or London to help fund your performance tour. The Fabulous Fundraiser has raised over $25,000 for many of our Encore directors, which is a terrific boost for any ensemble. Additionally, all Encore Tours passengers have access to Personal Fundraising Pages! The sooner your participants begin communicating their stories and generating money from their networks, the easier it will be to raise the funds needed to travel.
  • It’s critical to identify what you’ll be performing on tour, but it’s also vital to know who will be performing it. Your repertoire will fall into place after you have a core group of touring musicians set. Now is the time to concentrate on recruitment! We’ll assist you in planning a recruitment party, and we’ll even come to your location to assist you in becoming the perfect host! 

We all wish for more time, and at Encore Tours, we are here to assist you in making the most of it. Just make sure to start planning before it’s too late!

Need some inspiration before your next tour? Encore provides interested travelers with access to an extensive repertoire library that can be filtered by ensemble type, country, venue, year, and more.

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