July 3, 2018     Kate Huffman

Meet Scholarship Recipient Spencer Meneghini


At Encore, we take our mission of “taking your music program to new places” and supporting music directors both while on tour and at home in their rehearsal rooms very seriously. This includes supporting the next generation of music educators and directors. Not only do we run our own Travel is Education Scholarship for Encore Tours passengers, but we also partner with music organizations to provide scholarships to young people going on to study music education.

Spencer Meneghini is one of those recipients! He was recently awarded the Sacksman Family/Encore Performance Tours Scholarship. Get to know Spencer and his future plans by reading our interview below.

Spencer holding his trombone and smiling for a picture in front of an ivy-covered wall

Encore: Tell us a bit about yourself, Spencer.
Spencer: Hi! My name is Spencer Meneghini and I live in Ipswich, Massachusetts. I just graduated from Ipswich High School and will be attending UMass Amherst in the fall for Music Education.

Encore: Awesome! What musical activities were you involved in in high school and what do you hope to do in college?
Spencer: In high school, I was involved in many ensembles, both in school and out. I was a member of the Jazz Band, the Symphony Orchestra, the Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and Choir. In addition, I played in a brass quintet that toured assisted living facilities and performed at the Crane Castle. I also played in the pit orchestra for Ipswich High School and Middle School productions. Outside of school, I attended a jazz summer program at Salem State University and also performed with the North Shore Jazz Project All-Stars at numerous festivals and events.

In college, I hope to join the marching band and continue playing jazz. I will probably audition for a symphony at some point or another, but I haven’t decided when. Lastly, I really want to continue playing in pit orchestras, because I really love them.

Encore: You are clearly very passionate about music! What experiences have led you to want to pursue music education in college?
Spencer: Being surrounded by music at a young age has definitely influenced my decision, as well as having so many great friends and mentors who also do music contributed immensely.

Encore: Did anyone influence or inspire you to be involved in music?
Spencer: Not one singular person, no. The sense of family, achievement, and welcome found in music settings inspired me more than any one person.

Spencer wearing a suit and smiling very big at the camera; greenery in background

Encore: What do you hope to teach your future music students?
Spencer: You can play music regardless of your job, being a music major isn’t required. You could be an engineer, a doctor, mechanic, a manager, or an architect, and still play music throughout your life.

Encore: Why do you feel that music education is important?
Spencer: People should know about music. Everyone should be given the chance to discover that making music is a wonderful thing, and without educators, very few people would discover that.

Encore: Good luck in your music education program, Spencer! Anything else you’d like to share with us?
Spencer: I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to play music.

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