July 5, 2022     Encore Tours

Our Summer Travel Season is Underway and Audiences Couldn’t Be More Excited!


We believe music has a unique ability to bring people together, and there’s nothing we love more than taking ensembles on life-changing performance tours. Following a successful winter and spring travel season, we are excited to say that the summer travel season is shaping up quite nicely!

We can say with certainty that travel is as spectacular, transformative, and fun as it’s ever been. However, for potential group leaders looking ahead to their trip in 2023, the number one question has involved the size and excitement levels of the audience. After all, it’s not enough to simply perform in a dynamic venue — you need to have a captive audience as well. Well, we’re happy to say that audiences are back in full force!

You deserve an appreciative audience, and we have always worked tirelessly to choose venues that have a strong history of audience attendance and ensure that your concert is properly promoted. Many have questioned whether these types of large groups would ever return to pre-Covid levels, but all of those concerns can be put to bed. Audiences have been turning out in record numbers, displaying a clear desire to come together and share in the international language of music. In fact, many group leaders have shared that the atmosphere at many of their concerts is unlike anything they have previously experienced!

Throughout the year, we have surveyed each of our 2022 group leaders, and 100% stated that the audiences and acoustics were rated as “excellent.” We’ve already discussed some of the highlights from the spring season, but hear what our directors have said about their summer trips!

Three beautiful venues for this tour…As always, we had a fantastic time.

Sarah W – Youth Orchestra Director

Carnegie Hall was amazing!

Jason S – HS Music Director

Once again Encore was amazing and superseded any expectations. With the so many bumps we had I cannot believe it all went so amazingly smooth

Milo S – HS Administrator

This was an incredible trip! Every detail thought of. I keep hearing amazing things from people now that we are home.

Kristen W – HS Administrator

I will proceed with Encore in the future with zero hesitation. We had a perfect experience.

Christopher S – HS Music Director

Returning to travel and sharing these priceless experiences with our group leaders and participants has been fantastic. There are currently more groups traveling, and we’re thrilled that the upcoming months will be jam packed with departures.

This is the perfect time to start planning your next tour, and we hope you’ll let us take your ensemble to new places. Performance tours are not only an excellent way to improve musicianship and assist with recruitment efforts, it’s also an amazing vehicle for building camaraderie and bringing your ensemble closer together. After these past few years, I think we could all use that.

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