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  1. I’m concerned about how my trombone will be handled en route. It’s too big to carry on. I have a hard travel case, but the latches are delicate and ready to break. I have a larger case with a zipper, but it has softer sides. Tossing it or throwing heavy luggage on top of it might damage the instrument. If I knew for sure the customs folks wouldn’t try to open it, I’d use the hard case. But if they break a latch, will they just tape it shut?

    1. I’d definitely advise the hard carrying case. If it’s too large to carry on, then it will be checked and then you’ll need to have a hard case to protect it. If the latches are delicate and you are concerned the airlines may not be careful with them, you may want to look into getting a new case. We can’t say for sure what the airlines will do with luggage that they damage, but the best protection you can have for your instrument is a durable travel case.

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