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June 18, 2024     Encore Tours

Reducing Uncertainty with Guaranteed Currency Rates


We understand that planning a performance tour involves a number of variables, and can sometimes feel like a daunting task. That’s why we pride ourselves on being fully transparent and providing absolute certainty about your trip, especially when it comes to the financial component. Our Guaranteed Currency Rates is just one way that we ensure that your tour price remains the same as quoted, no matter how the exchange rates fluctuate.

Eliminating Financial Surprises

Exchange rates can be unpredictable, causing unexpected shifts in the cost of your trip. By purchasing currency in advance, we are able to lock in your rate and protect you from these fluctuations. This means you can plan your budget with confidence, knowing the price you see is the price you’ll pay.

Simplifying Financial Management

Our commitment to reducing uncertainty extends beyond currency rates. We offer several features to streamline the financial aspects of your tour:

  • Automatic Payments: Easy to set up, automatic payments spread the cost of your trip over time. Choose a payment schedule that works best for you, whether it’s monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Plus, receive a discount on your total trip cost as a thank you for setting up automatic payments, making budgeting easier and saving you money
  • Personal Fundraising Pages: Each participant can create a personalized fundraising page to help cover their expenses. These pages allow participants to share their stories, goals, and reasons for traveling, making it easier to engage friends, family, and the community. With built-in tools for tracking progress and managing donations, participants can take control of their fundraising efforts and reach their financial goals more effectively.
  • Comprehensive Protection Plans: Our basic protection plan is included at no additional cost, providing essential coverage for your trip. For enhanced protection, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans, which offer extensive coverage, including the ability to cancel for any reason up to 4 days before departure and still receive a full refund. This ensures that no matter what unexpected events arise, you have the flexibility and security to manage your trip with confidence.

Focusing on What Matters

By removing the stress of financial unpredictability, Encore Tours allows you to concentrate on what truly matters—the music and the experience. Whether you’re performing in a world-class concert hall or simply exploring new destinations, you can do so without worrying about unexpected costs.

At Encore Tours, our goal is to make every aspect of your tour as seamless as possible. With guaranteed currency rates, automatic payments, personal fundraising pages, and comprehensive protection plans, we take the uncertainty out of your financial planning.

Are you ready to experience a transformative and stress-free tour? Contact us today and let us support you at every step of your musical journey.

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