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What’s Included on an International Encore Tour?


Every Encore tour is customized to suit each individual Group Leader’s needs. However, here is what we typically include:

Accommodations in 3* – 4* centrally-located hotels

Hotel locations can make or break any trip, as your entire day is influenced by where you are staying. With Encore, you’ll be right in the heart of the places you came to see. 

Encore Tour Manager with you from start to finish

Available to you 24/7, our Encore Tour Managers are rigorously trained and specially selected to assist groups while abroad. Encore and ACIS Tour Managers are famous for their multi-faceted roles  educational, logistical and artistic. They’re part commentator, counselor, troubleshooter and advocate.

Air-conditioned coaches with professional drivers

Your Tour Manager & driver duo will be the best you’ve ever had. Don’t worry about planning out the ins-and-outs of the itinerary; they will have already worked it out for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


Tips for your driver, Tour Manager, guides and restaurant staff are already included in your package price. Don’t worry about exchanging money for tips every day; you’re already covered!

Round-trip airfare including taxes and estimated fuel

Your base fare and taxes are always guaranteed.

Basic travel insurance

Our protection plans include health coverage, medical/job loss cancellation coverage, baggage delay/loss, trip cancellation coverage and travel delay protection. By upgrading to our Ultimate or Ultimate Plus plans, you can cancel for any reason up to four days before departure and still receive a full cash refund.

Local guides

Experienced guides are included on most city sightseeing tours.

Concert fees

We believe in full pricing transparency, so your tour price includes venue rental for rehearsal and performance times as well as chairs (if needed) and water.


Encore guarantees audiences at every formal performance. Included in your trip are the necessary promotions to obtain an audience, including but not limited to advertisements, press releases, flyers, and more.

Excursions, sightseeing tours and entrances

All sightseeing highlights are included as listed in your tour itinerary.

Breakfast and dinner daily

All hotels serve a full breakfast in the mornings. Dinners typically feature 3 courses in the local cuisine.

Guaranteed currency

We buy currency ahead of time so you never have to worry about your tour price changing. 

Single room for Group Leader and twin rooms for chaperones/assistants

Group Leaders and Assistants also have our Ultimate Protection Plan coverage.

Upon request, we can also include…

Instrument transportation

We include instrument transportation, such as an instrument truck or trailer. Plus, we can include a room for instrument storage at the hotel.

Keyboard, piano or organ

Rental fees for your keyboard, piano or organ can also be included. Tuning fees may apply.

Instrument and equipment rentals

Need risers, music stands, harp or percussion? Ask us to include the cost of rentals in your proposal.

Instrument Insurance

Additional instrument can be purchased by passengers, and we offer some of the best instrument insurance options in the industry.

Programs for concerts

Encore does not produce, print or translate programs. Should you require such assistance, we can include the cost for this in your proposal.

Lunches or snacks

Need a snack in between rehearsals and concerts? Let us know and we can include this in the cost of your tour. For most destinations, we recommend that passengers buy lunch in their free time; however, upon request, we can include group lunches.


Need help with that heavy luggage? We’ll include porterage at your hotels for a small fee.

Security Guards

If you’re traveling with students, the option to add security guards at the hotel is available in most destinations. Talk to your Encore Tour Consultant to learn more.

The following items are not included:

  • Baggage fees imposed by the airlines
  • Allocations of specific seat assignments on flights
  • Visa or passport fees
  • Carnet fees
  • Copyright fees
  • Reciprocity taxes in applicable destinations
  • Anything not specifically listed in itinerary

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