October 23, 2015     Maggie Rodriguez

Why the Arts Matter

Why do the arts matter to you? #ArtsMatterDay

Today is #ArtsMatter Day in Massachusetts! To celebrate, Encore Tours staff shared their thoughts on why the arts matter to them.  

Maggie performing

“Music has always been a huge part of my life. The arts show the human condition in its purest form. I have learned empathy through my arts education. I value my imagination and my ability to create above all.”

– Maggie Rodriguez, Program Manager

Tori performing in a play

“Music allows you to release your emotions when no words can be found.”

-Tori Cook, Business Development

Sabrina dancing

“The arts have added a tremendous amount of enrichment, joy, cultural understanding, and friendship to my life.  I honestly cannot imagine life without music and dance, two of my greatest passions in this world.”

– Sabrina Denault, Regional Director, Northeast

Cindy taking photographs in Paris

“If math and science are the foundations of life, then the arts are the joy in living!  Having a creative outlet is essential for keeping your mind sharp and appreciating the world around you.  Finding photography several years ago has been such a thrill for me – the more I learn, the more excited I am to continue pushing myself to know more!  It’s wonderful to have something that you love doing and that challenges you at the same time.”

– Cindy Esquibel, Director of Operations

Jon playing the trumpet

“I think art is all about expressing emotions and connecting with other people. To me the best art, whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, a piece of music or whatever has to make me feel something, cause some kind of emotional reaction.”

– Jon Linker, Regional Director, Bands

Ward smiling for the camera

“My cello is my constant friend. It has given me an opportunity to define myself as a musician from an early age, and that has been the greatest gift I have ever been given.”

– Ward Dilmore, Development Director for Ensemble Leaders

James being goofy and hugging a tree

“Art somehow allows you to bring out a part of nature. You can experience nature through an art form.”

– James Smith, Regional Director, West

Share why the #ArtsMatter to you in the comments below!

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