April 4, 2016     Andrew Yaracs

Choosing The Right Music Travel Company


Are these really the same?

When it comes to choosing the right music travel company, if your school policy requires the submission of competing bids for trip approval, be sure to compare “apples to apples.” All bids should reflect quotes on equal or similar items such as the location and quality of the hotel, overnight security, transportation (consider age of the equipment), meals, sightseeing, admissions, performance opportunities, liability and emergency medical insurance, payment plan, complimentary packages, company history, and cancellation policies.

Choosing The Right Music Travel Company

If you need to find a music travel company, do your research carefully before making your decision. Consult with colleagues who have traveled for advice on a company they might recommend or suggest that you avoid. Consider the following before you sign a contract:

Hiring a music travel company will shift liability from you, your school, and boosters to them—the third party. You will work closely with the chosen company for the better part of a year or more, so it is important to build a relationship with your representative from the start. Communicate your goals and any concerns with them early in the planning process!

Travel 101: A Band Director's Guide for Planning Student Travel

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Yaracs is the author of “Travel 101: A Band Director’s Guide for Planning Student Travel”. Stay tuned for his guest blog series featuring excerpts from his book, now available on Amazon!

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