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Encore Live: Archived Events


Our Tour Managers are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about delivering world-class tours to all of our travelers. Unfortunately, they are unable to do that right now, but they will instead bring their expertise online by delivering a series of wide-ranging online events known as Encore Live.

You can view all of our past events below, but don’t forget to check out our upcoming schedule for new Encore Live events!

In addition to our Encore Live series, we hope you enjoy these brief glimpses into different cultures with ACIS’ “Content from the Road.”

The Reichstag

Espin provides a brief history of the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany.

The Berlin Reichstag

Hi, greetings from Berlin.


The Guillotine of the French Revolution

Cecilia tells us about France’s fascination with this tool of capital punishment.

The Guillotine and the French Revolution

The Invention of Gelato

Giulia explains how this sweet dessert came to be.

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Berlin Street Market Visit (May 2020)

Tour Manager Sam Harker walks through his neighborhood street market.

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Lockdown Diaries, Béziers, France (May 2020)

Our Tour Manager, Raquel, interviews her roommate, Laura, a former ACIS participant who now lives with her in southern France.

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Baths of Trajan

Stefan provides insight into the architectural advancements of the Romans.

The Baths of Trajan

Hi, my name is Stefan and

in this very short

Picasso in Barcelona

Javier introduces us to the connection between Picasso and Barcelona.

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Our friends in Italy have also been actively producing new video content, which provides an inside look at the current music scene within the country. There will be additional videos posted in the coming months, but we hope you find them interesting!

Saint Agnes – A Wonderful Concert Venue in the Heart of Rome

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Public Performances Resume at St Ignatius Church in Rome

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Performing for the Locals in Turkey

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Visiting Monsignor Pablo Colino at his Home Inside the Vatican

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Renting Orchestra Instruments

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Performing in Puccini’s Homeland

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Exchange Concerts in Florence

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At Encore Tours, we are committed to supporting music education both at home and abroad. Are there any topics you would like to see covered in future Encore Live events? Please email encoretours@acis.com with any thoughts or suggestions.

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