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Writing Captivating Biographies for Your Ensemble’s Press Kit

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Whether it’s for local concert promotions, touring overseas, or just posting on your website, a well-constructed press kit can be an invaluable tool for raising the profile of your ensemble. In our new eBook “Creating the Perfect Press Kit for Your Ensemble”, we discuss how to choose the sample repertoire, take engaging photos, create press releases and more.>

The two essential biographies needed in a press kit are the director biography and ensemble biography. The templates below provide a starting point:

Director/Accompanist Biography Template:

  • Title of position
  • Number of years in position
  • Education & training background
  • Certifications
  • Nominations & awards
  • Recordings
  • Compositions
  • Publications
  • Quotes from local news sources
  • Other positions held
  • Story of musical career
  • Recent accomplishments
  • Interesting facts about the person
  • Personal or business website

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Ensemble Biography Template:

  • Number of years that the program has been around
  • Destinations where the ensemble has toured
  • Festivals that the group has participated in
  • Competition participation and scores
  • Quotes from local news sources
  • Nominations & awards
  • Recordings
  • Repertoire style of the group
  • Recent accomplishments
  • Interesting facts about the ensemble
  • Upcoming projects

Tips for Success:

  • Identify audience and purpose of biography
  • Put the name in the first sentence (of whom the biography is about)
  • Write from someone else’s point of view
  • Limit text to 1-2 paragraphs
  • Use unique adjectives when describing accomplishments
  • Bold or italicize highlight points to stand out
  • For touring groups, complete biographies for soloist(s), assistant director(s) and accompanist(s) as applicable
  • Add personality!

To learn more about taking engaging photos, preparing recordings, choosing repertoire or compiling press materials, download our Press Kit Guide today!

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