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A Culinary Sonata


Engage your senses in a hands-on cooking class, creating Thuringian specialties, a culinary sonata, followed by a delightful dinner where each dish is a note in the symphony of flavors.

A Golden Opportunity


Truly one of the world’s most stunning concert venues for its aesthetic and acoustic, enjoy privileged access behind the scenes and with a member of the Vienna Philharmonic who will share their experience of playing in the majestic hall.

A Nation’s Showcase

Czech Republic

Following a private tour of Prague’s National Theatre, you will have the opportunity to meet a soloist, conductor, or director from tonight’s performance. In the evening, return for a performance of The Bartered Bride and enjoy Smetana’s comic work in the leading opera house of his home country.

A Royal Welcome

United Kingdom

Arrive on the Royal Brow, an entrance previously reserved for the Queen, and board the magnificent Royal Yacht Britannia. Walk the red carpet, enjoy a glass of champagne, and embark on a private guided visit of the five decks, including the Admiral’s Cabin and State Apartments.

A Tasty Treble


Experience Culatello, the finest variety of cured meat in all of Italy, as a guest of Antica Corte Pallavicina, where it has been aged in the cellars since the 14th century. Visit the venerable vaults and their fascinating contents with the owner and hear histories of serving nobility such as the Sforzesco family of Milan. Dinner at the restaurant tops off our experience with sumptuous dishes featuring the best products of the estate and region.

Andalusian Soul


In Seville’s heart, discover a clandestine venue where flamenco ignites the soul. Witness a mesmerizing performance by illustrious artists, their melodies and footwork resonating with ancestral spirits. Engage in soul-stirring conversations with the performers, discovering the essence of raw emotion and indomitable spirit.

Arie dall’Alto


Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, prosperous families built private horseshoe theatres providing an intimate performance venue for the local population. Teatro dei Rassicurati in medieval hill-top Montecarlo di Lucca is a beautiful example and the venue for our private operatic recital featuring performers from the nearby Puccini Opera Company.

Armonía Española


Immerse yourself in a night of musical excellence at the Auditorio Nacional de Música with the Spanish National Orchestra. Experience a refined reception, an exclusive performance, and an intimate backstage tour. Connect with fellow enthusiasts and musicians in a post-concert gathering. Don your finest attire for this celebration of Spain’s musical heritage—an unforgettable night at the heart of symphonic artistry.

Art Nouveau

Czech Republic

The Municipal House is one of the most significant public buildings in the Art Nouveau style, with original artwork by Alfons Mucha. It is the place where the Czechoslovak Republic was proclaimed in 1918, and you can celebrate this historic event with a glass of champagne on the very balcony where it happened. Your evening in the Art Nouveau style will be crowned by dinner, surrounded by the spectacular decor of the Municipal House restaurant.

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