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5 Proven Strategies for Successful Ensemble Recruitment


Recruiting talented musicians and maintaining a vibrant, dynamic ensemble presents ongoing challenges. To thrive, ensembles must not only showcase their musical excellence but also adopt innovative strategies to attract and engage potential members.

In the past, we’ve discussed how taking your group on a performance tour can help with the long-term growth of your ensemble, but today we’re going to explore five proven strategies that can significantly enhance your recruitment efforts, ensuring your ensemble continues to grow and flourish.

1. Ease Financial Worries with Comprehensive Support

Leverage Fundraising Tools

One of the biggest hurdles for potential ensemble members embarking on a performance tour is often the financial commitment. By utilizing our personal fundraising pages and special offerings, such as our fabulous fundraiser featuring a complimentary 5-day journey to London or Paris as a raffle prize, we can mitigate these financial obstacles. This approach demonstrates our commitment to ensuring costs do not discourage talented individuals from participating. By spotlighting these resources, we underline our ensemble’s dedication to making membership more attainable and attractive.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Financial support is crucial for ensuring diversity and inclusivity within the ensemble. Discussing the availability of scholarships and financial assistance demonstrates the ensemble’s dedication to welcoming talents from all walks of life, enriching the group’s diversity.

Payment Plans

Encore simplifies participation with flexible payment solutions, addressing affordability concerns right from the recruitment phase. We offer an automatic payment plan, a manual payment plan, and group billing options, catering to diverse financial needs.

We take care of all billing and protection plan details, allowing directors to concentrate on the music. Our series of informative emails ensures a seamless experience, keeping participants informed and stress-free every step of the way.

“Encore’s support in our recruitment efforts, especially with the London raffle trip, was a game-changer, and the way they promoted our concerts overseas was truly amazing.”

2. Maximize Engagement Through Digital Platforms and Pre-Meeting Strategies

Utilize Social Media

A robust social media presence is essential in today’s digital age. Sharing updates, rehearsal snippets, and engaging content on platforms like Instagram can turn an interested individual into a committed ensemble member.

Create a Marketing List

For your recruitment or informational sessions, setting up a marketing list using digital tools like Google Forms can streamline communication, facilitating effective follow-up before and after the event. Additionally, our Tour Consultants and Tour Managers are on hand to assist in setting up and hosting these informative recruitment sessions. They play a crucial role in generating excitement, answering any questions, and helping to get people signed up, ensuring a successful start to your recruitment efforts.

Leverage Expertise for Meeting Preparation

In preparation for your recruitment meetings, our experienced Tour Consultants are available to offer valuable advice and assist in crafting engaging presentations and materials that showcase the distinct opportunities your ensemble presents. Additionally, we boast an extensive network of music directors who can address the specific needs of your ensemble, providing an invaluable resource for first-time directors dealing with challenges such as securing school board approval.

3. Create Immersive Recruitment Events

Host Open Houses and Interactive Workshops

Combining educational sessions with interactive workshops offers a comprehensive introduction to the ensemble. These events provide potential members with a clear understanding of the ensemble’s operations and community.

Feature Past Participants

Incorporating testimonials from members who have benefited from the ensemble’s opportunities adds authenticity to your recruitment efforts and addresses potential concerns from a peer perspective.

Keep It Festive

Making recruitment events memorable through music, visuals, or food that reflects the ensemble’s cultural or musical focus can significantly enhance the recruitment experience, making it both informative and enjoyable. Our blog post, Recruiting For Your Performance Tour, includes other useful tips for hosting meetings and recruiting participants.

4. Engage with Your Community Through Performances and Follow-Up

Community Performances

Showcasing the ensemble’s talent at community events can attract potential recruits by directly engaging them with the joy and camaraderie of being part of your musical community.

Effective Follow-Up

Following up with attendees and those who expressed interest but couldn’t attend is crucial. Personalized communication can keep their interest piqued and provide additional information or answers to any lingering questions.

5. Maintain Momentum with Ongoing Communication

Share Milestones and Updates

Using digital platforms and your marketing list to share exciting news and updates helps keep potential members engaged and informed about the ensemble’s activities and achievements. And if you’re not technologically savvy or struggle to maintain a marketing list, Encore is happy to assist with your marketing efforts and help create the digital assets you may require.

Reminders About Financial Options

Continually reminding interested individuals about financial support and fundraising options reinforces the message that participation is within reach for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Recruitment is an art that necessitates creativity, openness, and strategic planning. By implementing these five strategies, your ensemble can not only attract new members but also create a supportive and enriching environment where they can grow, thrive, and contribute to the ensemble’s success. Remember, the goal is to build a community that resonates with passion, diversity, and musical excellence.

Are you ready to take your ensemble’s recruitment to the next level? Download our comprehensive guide, or reach out directly for personalized support in your recruitment efforts.

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