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Why Choose Encore for Your Next Performance Tour?


Taking your ensemble on an international performance tour presents a unique chance for your ensemble to display its talents worldwide, immerse in diverse cultures, and forge unforgettable memories. At Encore, we aim to be your dependable guide from start to finish, ensuring unparalleled service, thorough planning, and all-encompassing support specifically tailored to your ensemble’s distinct needs.

We’d be delighted to set up a conversation with one of our many satisfied group leaders, but before that, let’s explore a few key reasons Encore is the perfect partner for your next unforgettable performance tour:

Customized Itineraries Tailored to Your Group

Planning an international music tour with your ensemble offers a unique chance to shine on the global stage and experience new cultures, creating memories that last a lifetime. Encore stands out with a team of music experts dedicated to understanding and meeting your ensemble’s specific needs.

We specialize in tailor-made music travel experiences, focusing on every detail from selecting suitable accommodations and venues to arranging cultural tours, ensuring your tour is personalized and impactful.

Well-Located Accommodations

Understanding the importance of location, Encore provides lodging in 3- or 4-star hotels situated in the heart of your destination. This strategic placement not only enhances your travel experience by minimizing commute times but also immerses you in the local culture and landmarks, making every moment of your stay memorable and convenient.

Dedicated Encore Tour Managers

A defining feature of our service is the presence of our exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable Tour Managers throughout your trip. These experts accompany you from beginning to end, providing round-the-clock support. Their extensive training allows them to wear many hats – as educators, advocates, problem solvers, and logistical wizards – guaranteeing a seamless, enlightening, and worry-free experience.

All-Inclusive Transportation and Gratuities

Travel in comfort with air-conditioned coaches and professional drivers. Encore’s comprehensive approach includes all gratuities for drivers, Tour Managers, local guides, and restaurant staff, allowing you to focus on the experience rather than logistics.

Guaranteed Audiences and Full Pricing Transparency

Performance is at the heart of your tour, and Encore guarantees audiences for every formal performance. We manage all promotional efforts to ensure a receptive audience for your group. Moreover, our commitment to pricing transparency means no hidden fees for venue rental, including necessary amenities like chairs and water, ensuring clarity and confidence in your tour’s financial aspects.

Rich Cultural Experiences with Local Experts

Immerse yourself in the local culture with experienced guides on city tours, providing insightful commentary and enhancing your understanding of each destination. Your tour includes all listed sightseeing highlights, ensuring a rich educational and cultural experience.

Inclusive Meals and Special Accommodations

Enjoy daily breakfast and dinner featuring local cuisine, ensuring you start and end your day with nourishing and culturally enriching meals. Special accommodations, including single rooms for Group Leaders and twin rooms for chaperones/assistants, along with comprehensive coverage under our Ultimate Protection Plan, are part of our commitment to your comfort and security.

Flexible Options to Meet Every Need

Encore’s customizable options address a wide range of needs, from instrument transportation and rentals to specific meal requests and additional security measures. We’re dedicated to accommodating every detail to ensure your tour fits your group perfectly.

Directors Travel Free

We recognize the critical role of support staff, including chaperones and companions, in the success of a group tour. To acknowledge this, we offer complimentary travel for directors and assistants, allocated according to a predefined ratio that considers the group’s size. This policy is our way of valuing the commitment and effort of directors by ensuring they receive free spots when eligible.

Dynamic Venues

Step onto the stage in some of the world’s most dynamic and prestigious venues, handpicked to complement your group’s talent and genre. Whether it’s a historic cathedral that amplifies your choir’s harmonies or a renowned concert hall that showcases your orchestra’s brilliance, Encore Tours secures venues that elevate your performance and audience experience to new heights.

Fundraising Tools

Jumpstart your tour funding with Encore Tours’ innovative Fabulous Fundraiser benefit, which offers a 5-day trip to London or Paris as a raffle prize, providing a unique and exciting way to boost your fundraising efforts significantly. In addition to this, our Personal Fundraising pages help passengers afford going on a performance tour. Coupled with our diverse scholarship offerings, we try to ensure that everybody who wants to travel can embark on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Best-in-Class Protection Plans and Instrument Insurance

Travel with confidence, knowing that you and your instruments are fully protected. Our industry-leading protection plans cover health, trip cancellation, and more, with options to upgrade for even more comprehensive coverage. Additionally, our enhanced instrument insurance safeguards your valuable equipment, providing peace of mind from rehearsal to performance.

Every Encore traveler automatically receives complimentary basic insurance, covering health, trip cancellation, baggage, and delays. However, over half of our travelers choose to enhance their coverage by upgrading to our Ultimate or Ultimate-Plus plan for additional security. These policies notably include the option to cancel for any reason up to four days prior to departure and still qualify for a full cash refund.

Flexible Billing

We always accommodate your group’s preferences with flexible billing options, offering both group and individual billing at no extra cost. This flexibility allows for seamless financial management tailored to your group’s needs, ensuring a hassle-free preparation process for your tour.

Global Presence and 24/7 On-Tour Support

Benefit from our extensive global network and round-the-clock support while on tour. Our 24/7 on-tour support ensures that no matter where you are in the world, expert assistance is just a call away, providing solutions and peace of mind throughout your journey.

Guaranteed Land and Air Prices

With Encore, the price quoted is the price you pay. Our guaranteed land and air prices mean no surprises or hidden fees, allowing you to budget with accuracy and confidence. This guarantee ensures financial transparency and security, making your planning process straightforward and reliable.

Professional Development through Graduate Level Credits

Enhance your professional development with Encore Tours! Directors and participants have the opportunity to earn graduate-level credits through their tour experience and participation in Prelude, our free professional development weekend for ensemble directors and a guest that takes place in a different international destination. These educational opportunities not only enrich your tour but also contribute to your lifelong learning and professional growth.

Financial Security and Peace of Mind

Trust in Encore Tours’ robust financial foundation, with over $200 million in assets and a $51 million general liability insurance policy. Our financial stability and comprehensive insurance coverage provide peace of mind, ensuring that your investment is protected and your tour experience is secure from start to finish.

Clear and Comprehensive Inclusions and Exclusions

Encore Tours is committed to transparency, clearly outlining what is included in your tour package and what is not. This clarity ensures there are no surprises, allowing you to plan confidently and efficiently.

Choosing Encore Tours for your next performance tour means partnering with experts dedicated to ensuring your musical journey is as seamless, enriching, and unforgettable as the performances themselves. With our attention to detail, personalized approach, and comprehensive support, we guarantee a travel experience that exceeds expectations and leaves lasting impressions.

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